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With over 30 years of combined experience in direct marketing and data processing, PB Data Services provides digitally driven data enhancement and database management solutions utilizing numerous high-quality data sources. Our services include fully automated 24/7 real-time list hygiene processing, access to multiple consumer and business data files and marketing mailing lists, as well as providing custom development specific to your needs.

We pride ourselves in 100% client satisfaction and work with customers of all sizes and across all industries to develop solutions that deliver positive results. Whether you are a small non-profit, or a large enterprise, we are the knowledgeable and cost-effective resource committed to optimizing your data and increasing your ROI.


Update Your List is the home of the DIY Portal, a self-service data append tool that allows you to enhance your customer and marketing data in real-time using the most comprehensive multi-sourced consumer, business, and automotive data available. A complete suite of services that includes phone append, reverse phone append, email append, reverse email append, VIN append, reverse VIN append, Do Not Call (DNC) Scrubbing, 20 demographics appends, 20 firmographic appends, and more...

Data Acquisition

Grow your business by effectively targeting prospects and acquiring new customers. PB Data Services offers a large selection of marketing lists for direct mail, telemarketing, email prospecting, and online advertising. Multi-sourced databases include:

Automobile - Vehicle ownership information on more than 180 million vehicles with VIN, make, model, & year populated for every record. The file is updated monthly and enhanced with hundreds of consumer demographics.
Business (B2B) - Contact information for in excess of 16 million business owners, managers and executives, selectable by SIC code, employee size, title, sales volume, home office, credit and other business firmographics. The database is updated quarterly.
Consumer - Contains over 250 million U.S. consumers with over 225 possible demographic attributes for each record. The database is updated bi-monthly.
New Mover - More than 27 million new movers and new homeowners, enhanced with consumer demographics. The database is updated weekly and is a rolling 12 months of data.
Pre Mover - Approximately 2.3 million active pre movers from the last 0-6 months. Listings are added and removed daily.

Data Hygiene

Ensure your prospect list and customer database records are clean and deliverable. PB Data Services offers data hygiene processing to update your postal address, phone, and email records...

Postal Address
48-Month & 18-Month National Change of Address (NCOA)
Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA)
Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)
Locatable Address Correction Service (LACS)
Delivery Point Validation (DPV)
Delivery Sequence File (DSF)
Address Element Correction (AEC)
Apartment Number/Secondary Address Append
Deceased File Processing
Wireless Phone Number Flagging & Verification
National FTC Do-Not-Call File
State Do-Not-Call Files
Direct Marketing Association Preference Service File
Disconnect Telephone File
Wireless Blocked Numbers Prison File
7-step validation process to identify spam traps, invalid emails and domains, role accounts, complainers, known hard-bounces, etc.
Monthly updates of additions and deletions
Time stamp, date stamp, & originating URL available on most records
Over 295 million record suppression file
Confidence codes resulting in more valid matches


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